All API endpoints are rate limited. Exceeding 10 requests from a single IP in a 5 second period will result in the following response for the remainder of the 5 second period:
{"warning":"You have been rate-limited"}




Response Errors

We hope you won't see many of these, but the ones that currently exist are:
{"error":"No IMEI in Request"}
{"error":"Error connecting to database"}

Client Examples


Using JQuery. Look at for pure javascript ajax functions supporting various levels of browser compatibility.

    url: "",
    type: "GET",
    data: {
        imei: imeiVar
    dataType: 'json',
    success: function( data )
            // Error
            // data.error
        else if(data.warning)
            // Warning!
            // data.warning
            // Success!
            // data.ts,, data.lon, etc.

Python 2

from urllib2 import urlopen
from json import load

api_json = urlopen('' + str(imei_number))
api_response = load(api_json)
if 'error' in api_response:
    # Error!
elif 'warning' in api_response:
    # Warning!
    # Success