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I have recently graduated from the University of Southampton with a BEng in Electronic Engineering. This has allowed me to take up a full-time role as Lead Hardware Engineer at Telemetricor Limited where I previously worked part-time alongside my degree since the company set up in September 2013.

I'm also enjoying the role of Volunteer RF Engineering Consultant for Southampton University's UOS3 Cubesat Project, aiming for a complete Flight Model by the end of 2015. I am assisting SUSF with construction of the Groundstation as well as advising the Communications Engineering team on the RF Circuitry for the Transceiver Board.

My hobbies currently revolve mostly around Amateur Radio and electronics, with a sprinkling of programming. I have previously enjoyed rifle shooting and cycle touring, however after being conned in to joining a few too many projects that sounded too exciting to miss out on, I no longer have the time!

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