TK-102 GSM Tracker

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WIP Open TK102 GPRS Gateway Service:

I've been looking at developing a GSM Tracker solution for Scarlett Theron Rush's Charity 'Jailbreak' attempt. The plan is to have the tracker unit send live position updates every 10 minutes to an Interactive Map on my server, via GPRS TCP Packets.

Through research it seemed that the TK-102 would be the ideal tracker unit to sit in her bag and autonomously send position packets at a certain interval.

I first purchased a unit from Amazon for the sum of £21.68

I have now purchased a more expensive unit that claims to be genuine:

I'll update when it arrives...

Differences with the Genuine Unit

  • The Position of the Printed Logo on the physical unit is different, with the fake unit the logo is closer to the 'handle'.
    • Be aware: Manufacturers claiming to sell genuine units sometimes use stock photos of the fake ones. I will find out shortly whether this means they are selling fakes!
    • I will post comparison pictures once I find a genuine unit!
  • Several of the fakes have a ublox-based GPS chipset and will often advertise this on the boxes. The genuine units only have SiRF STAR III GPS Chipsets.
  • The SMS commands used by the fakes are often delimited by #s, eg. #begin#123456#. In comparison the genuine unit does not use delimiters, eg. begin123456

Photos of the Fake Unit


I have started writing a server system for the TK102 Telemetry to be displayed on a Map to Track Scarlett's Charity Jail Break attempt. I will publish this soon.

  • Node.JS based TCP Daemon
  • MySQL Telemetry Store
  • PHP-based Live Map Webpage