Southampton University Wireless Society

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The Offical Website of SUWS can be found at

The Southampton University Wireless Society involves 'all things wireless.' Currently this consists of the Amateur Radio Club as well as the Open Wireless Network group.

I was interested in the Wireless Networking work done by SOWN and was out eating dinner at the Pub after one of SOWN's regular Thursday meetings, when Graeme (now licensed as M0NSA) mentioned he was planning to obtain an Amateur Radio Foundation License. I mentioned I was licensed and almost immediatly we had others at the table interested in the hobby.

Since then we have built the Club up, registered it with the RSGB and got back our Club Callsign, G3KMI. We are now a registered Licensing Examination Centre and are up to around 20 active members including Graeme, M0NSA, who has a website at


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