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The 2m SSB band during VHF NFD 2012 viewed using an RTL-SDR and SDR#.

SDR# tends to be a lot lighter in terms of memory and CPU usage than other SDR software (eg. HDSDR), and with some more advanced features (eg. I/Q Automatic Calibration), is my preferred software on Windows. For linux, take a look at gqrx, powered by GNU Radio.

You can find the main website of SDR# at sdrsharp.com


In order to get the latest features, in particular with regards to fine-tuning of the RTL-SDR operation that has been added recently, you should use the Development versions

Before running the software for the first time you will need to install the drivers, you can find a guide for that at: rtlsdr.org/softwarewindows

HAB Telemetry Reception

  • Use the narrowest possible bandwidth, you only need about 10KHz or so even if the payload TX drifts. The smaller the bandwidth, the more sensitive the receiver tends to be.
  • Narrower demodulator filter is better
    • This will avoid unwanted nearby signals affecting anything downstream of the demodulator, leading to a higher SNR feeding into your Digital Modem (eg. dl-fldigi)
  • Disable audio filter

FM Broadcast

  • Open IF filter up as wide as it will go for better audio bandwidth. (250kHz)

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