Keychain 808 Cameras

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I originally purchased a keychain '808' camera to use with a Pico Helium Balloon payload such as CRAAG1.

For a guide to 808 cameras, Chuck Lohr's Website is an extremely thorough resource.

Fake 720p

808number3 CloseUp.JPG

I first purchased an advertised '1280x720 H.264 .AVI' Camera from seller: jason_ray on ebay. This turned out to be an incorrectly-advertised #3 capable of only 720x480 MJPG. I am currently in the process of returning this item for a full refund.

Flying the camera

I have yet to receive a genuine 720p (1280x720) model, however when I do, I plan to fly it with the CRAAG1 Helium Balloon Payload to capture footage of a flight.

My plan is to get some images of winter sunrise over the New Forest, perhaps even with snow! I have no idea how these will turn out, but with being able to inflate the small balloon the night before, drive to the launch site and then just switch everything on and let it go.. There's only one way to find out!

The difficulties of payload recovery in the snow could be another question, but one I may end up answering!