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PCB Design, work in progress.

CRAAG2 is a Pico HAB GPS Tracker using a single custom PCB.

The aim of this is miniaturization and weight reduction of the CRAAG1 Prototype Pico GPS Tracker, consolidating all the vital components onto a single PCB. This will also save cost as the chips can be bought without individual breakout boards.

Status: Finished, Flown.

Main Components

  • uBLOX MAX-6 GPS Module + Chip Antenna
  • ATMega328 AVR Microprocessor
  • RFM22B ISM Transceiver

Planned Variants


Using the 868 MHz ISM Band.

Power Supply

I have many ideas about what to do with the Power Supply including using 1.8V rail voltage instead of 3.3V, and also using Solar Panels. For this reason I am not putting any complicated regulator on the circuit board. I'll be putting a footprint for an MCP1703 Linear LDO Regulator, due to it's simplicity. For a more-efficient switch-mode power supply, a separate board will be used.

The plan is to make this board in bulk, and so allow it to be as flexible as possible in it's uses.


  • uBlox MAX-6 GPS + Chip Antenna (with backup battery connection!)
  • ATMega328
  • RFM22b module
  • Power Sources:
    • 1.8V from 2x AAA through MCP1703 LDO Regulator
    • 1.8V/3.3V from 1xAAA through separate Lipower Boost Regulator Board
  • Integrated Battery Voltage Monitoring
  • Pads for
    • ISP Programming
    • Analogue sensors
    • Digital I/O