CRAAG1 Launch 10th October

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I launched my CRAAG1 Pico HAB payload on 10th October 2012.

One 36" Qualatex foil balloon was used for lift. 15g of free lift was planned, giving it a high probability of burst (and me getting my payload back). Due to rushing however, the balloon was overfilled by 2 or 3 grams.

The flight was simulated with the CUSF Predictor just 10 minutes before launch, and the prediction was for a landing several miles north of Basingstoke (Screenshot). However once it had a payload in it's grasp, the weather had different ideas.

Launch Video:

Photo Album: Picasa

Payload Stats

Payload Weight: 35g
Actual Free Neck lift: 17g
Total Lift: 52g

Flight Stats

Flight Path over Basingstoke.

Launched: Woodgarston Farm nr. Basingstoke at 12:41 BST (11:41 UTC).

Ascent Rate: ~1.7m/s (faster than the intended 1.5m/s due to overfilling.)

Burst: 4688m above Basingstoke.

Descent Rate: ~6.7m/s (far faster than expected due to complete detachment of the balloon on burst.)

Landed: Safely in Old Canal Place, Basingstoke at approximately 13:45 BST (12:45 UTC). Photo of landed payload.

The range of the Radio Telemetry from the payload was very impressive, with the Southampton University ASTRA station picking up the transmission almost immediately after launch, closely followed by a station in Milton Keynes.


Raw Telemetry

KML Data in Google Earth, showing Flight Path over Basingstoke.

Complete Telemetry in a CSV file.

  • For spreadsheets and graphs.

GPS Data in a KMZ (Compressed KML) file.

  • For Google Earth.