ARISS DVB-S Receiver

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After recent success in receiving the ARISS DVB-S TV Downlink from the International Space Station, I decided to have a go at building my own setup.

Parts Required


Minitioune! Assembled..

Latest (v0.3b): vivadatv (registration required)


There are several kits out there for amplifiers suitable for this, with performance scaling with price.

WIP: Links..


My plan is to build a 2.4GHz feed (helix or patch) for an ebay satellite dish.

Adjacent-channel interference from 2.4GHz Wifi will be a significant problem. I may try shrouding the dish and feed to reduce sidelobes if this proves to be an issue.

Antenna Pointing

I have got preliminary permission to borrow G3KMI's Yaesu G-5500 Az/El rotator while it waits for their installed mast to be approved.

This will allow me full automatic Pointing

Pointing Control

The G-5500 has a manual control unit, with switching interface on the back. The classical approach is to use a Yaesu Interface Unit, or clone such as the K3NG Rotator Controller to present a common serial interface to the PC.

The classical approach however uses Azimuth+Elevation, with a bodge to allow the antenna to 'flip-over'. A far more elegant approach for LEO tracking would be to implement X/Y control, where zenith is 0,0. I will have a go at constructing the control electronics and software required for this.

Work in this area may also be relevant to the University's Cubesat Groundstation, that I am assisting with the construction of.