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Principia ARISS: School <=> ISS Radio Contacts

  • Operation of VHF Radio conversations between Schools and Tim Peake on the ISS, with Live S-Band Video
  • Receiver Status Dashboard
  • Live Video Stream Page
  • My involvement:
    • Real-time IP Video Streaming of S-Band Downlink from local and remote receivers to event displays.
    • Event IP Network Engineer, Event Stream Audio Engineer.
    • Development and Implementation of HTML5 Video Streaming server for broadcasting the event (as part of BATC)
  • Events
    • 8th Jan 2016 - Sandringham School, St. Albans - Photos
    • 11th Feb 2016 - Royal Masonic School for Girls, Rickmansworth
    • 19th Feb 2016 - Oasis Academy Brightstowe, Bristol
    • 26th Feb 2016 - City of Norwich Schools, Norwich - Photos
    • 5th Mar 2016 - Powys Combined Schools, Powys - Photos
    • More coming soon!

SUWS Farnham WebSDR

  • A public LF + VHF + UHF WebSDR run by Noel G8GTZ, Martin G8JNJ, and SUWS.
    • 0-2 MHz, 50-52 MHz, 143-147 MHz, 432-438 MHz, 10.368-10.370 GHz
  • Located on a hill just north of Farnham, Surrey, UK.
  • I am responsible for everything from where the RTL-SDRs plug into the PC, to the ISP (Host PC, Software, Network, Internet, UPS, etc.)


  • A truly cheap and simple ISM Radio Mesh Network using 869.5 MHz
  • I've assembled several Temperature/Humidity Sensors around the house:
    • PS00 - Indoors
    • PS01 - Back Garden
    • PS02 - Fridge
    • PS03 - Upstairs Outside Windowsill
    • PV01 - Parents House Roofspace
  • I lead the technical team behind the server (postgres DB, node.js API)


  • An easy-to-use DX Spotting Cluster for Amateur Television (ATV/DATV) worldwide.
    • Real-time Map of active users
    • IRC Web-Chat facility
  • User Forum at

High Altitude Ballooning

  • 6th April 2014 - POPEYE - Raspberry Pi SSDV Live Photos Payload Flew with SUSF from Cambridge.


  • HABrotate - Rotator Controller to automatically track HAB Flights with PstRotator
  • HABmap - A lightweight leaflet.js-based alternative

UoS3 Cubesat Programme

Latest News

15th January - 3D Printed Camera DC Adaptor

3D Printed part allows injection of 3.9V External power into the camera, for operation off power supply or larger battery pack.

Thanks to SoMakeIt for the use of their 3d printer!


26th December - Latest HAB Tracker PCB Sent to Fab


Final PCB Layout sent off to the DirtyPCB Fab for the 'Early Bird' HAB Tracker.

Most advanced yet with Filtered GPS, LoRa RF Transmitter, and up to 15V Auxiliary Boost Power Supply.

24th November - UKHASnet AVR Sensor V3 PCBs have arrived

New boards for my cheap AVR-based Temperature/Humidity Wireless Sensor nodes.

These boards provide an easily-solderable base on which to build a UKHASnet sensor, repeater or gateway. I've ordered plenty so let me know if you'd like one!

More information on the UKHASnet Wiki.

Ukhasnet V3 board with antenna.jpg

31st August - 65km Packet Range achieved with UKHASnet HAB Node!


We flew a small latex balloon with several experimental payloads from EMFcamp near Milton Keynes that floated south and popped over France.

We received the 2kbps packets from 65km away before Line of Sight was lost behind a hill. (Reliable old 50 baud RTTY dropped out seconds after)

6th April - POPEYE SSDV Flown on High Altitude Balloon

POPEYE Raspberry Pi Live Images (SSDV) Transmitter was flown with the Southampton University Spaceflight Society up to 37.8km.



January 2016 - ARISS Contact with Tim Peake at Sandringham School

July 2015 - UKHASnet Buoy Hacking Weekend in Southampton

June 2015 - SUWS + BARC VHF National Field Day 2015

August 2014 - EMF Camp 2014

June 2014 - SUWS + BARC VHF National Field Day 2014

April 2014 - Student Robotics 2014